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Powerful Combination of Intelligent Community, Lighting and Electric Power Sector
--- China (Shanghai) Lighting Expo, Smart Community &Smart Home Expo 2017
Publish Date: 08-01 2016
Due to the fast growth in the mobile internet development, the coverage of networking is widely extended to different kinds of smart hardware and products in the market. Since the market is changing tremendously, developing urbanization and informatization are of paramount importance for all over the world. Smart lighting, smart home, smart community and smart energy become the important strategic elements to develop a smart city.

Promoting the Development of IOT, Assisting Enterprises to Land in Southern China

Beijing Smart Home & Intelligent Building Expo and China Lighting Expo were in great succeeded and acquired good reputation throughout the years for remarkable contributions in the application of intelligent and energy saving technology.

In order to improve the enterprise’s expansion in Southern China, the “China (Shanghai) International Smart Community, Smart Home and Lighting Expo 2017”will unite with “EP China”, the largest and specialized electric power equipment expo in China.

It will alternate the locations between Shanghai and Beijing every year, whereas jointly organized by China Illuminating Engineering Society (CIES), Adsale Exhibition Services Ltd, The Smarthome Decoration Committee of China(SDCC) and China Hotel Engineering Alliance starting from 2017.It gathers variety of resources in both Northern and Southern China so as to upgrade the overall standard of intelligent technologies and lighting application designs.

“China (Shanghai) International Smart Community, Smart Home and Lighting Expo 2017” will be held on Nov 20-22, 2017 at Shanghai New International Expo Center (SNIEC), PR China. The scope of exhibit include not only smart community, smart home and indoor and outdoor lighting solutions, but also smart home decoration, smart building materials, system integration technique and electric power technology, etc. Thus, widely cover with smart living elements.

Shanghai, a city that has well developed as an economical, commercial and financial center, is also one of the top consumption cities in China. Other than Shanghai, we will also invite the buyers from Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui, Yangtze River Delta economic circle as well as Northern China. Yangtze River Delta economic circle is the most valued economic zone in China.

Smart Community, Smart Home and Lighting Expo will provide a communication platform to both Intelligent and lighting suppliers, together with the end user of Design & Planning Institutes, system integrators, engineering corporations, construction and decoration companies, municipal administration units, distributors, developers, hotels and resorts ,etc. It will also maximize the level of energy saving, intelligent, convenience and effectiveness by improving the coverage of intelligent and lighting application technologies.

With the main focus on end-user is given, Smart Community & Smart Home Expo & China Lighting Expo would emphasis the concept of “Intelligent technology makes comfortable living in future “ and the concept will be extended from Shanghai and Beijing to all over China.

Concurrently held with China's Largest Electric Power & Electrical Exhibition – “EP China” for an Innovative one stop Purchasing Platform

With the rising demand for intelligent and energy saving commodities in the smart era, the exhibition will no longer limit its scope for lighting and smart home in 2017. It will be held concurrently with The International Exhibition on Electric Power Equipment and Technology (EP China) which has been developed for more than 30 years in becoming the largest and most influential electric power expo in China. EP China will exhibit the latest equipment and technology on power transmission and distribution, electric power automation, smart grid, energy conservation & environmental protection and electric power testing, measuring & monitoring.

Smart Community & Smart Home Expo, China Lighting Expo and EP China will collaborate in attracting more professional visitors. By providing one stop purchasing platform and comprehensive solution, it will enhance the influential power of the exhibition and the corporates’ input-output ratio undoubtedly.

Furthermore, with the fundamental basis for lighting and intelligence theme zones, China Lighting Expo will spotlight “Intelligence” by emphasizing smart control and smart lighting technology while Smart Community & Smart Home Expo will extend its theme from last year’s “smart home” to “smart community” which covers smart security, smart senior care, smart parking, smart electric appliances and etc. Comprehensive picture for future smart living will therefore be presented. Apart from these, smart building materials and smart home decoration theme zones will be developed by the exhibition to promote the congregation of smart commodity and smart living.

See you at Shanghai in October 2017 & Beijing in 2018!
China Lighting Expo, Smart Community & Smart Home Expo & EP China will be held on Oct 25-27, 2017 at Shanghai New International Expo Center (SNIEC), PR China with 60,000 sqm total area, over 1,000 exhibitors and excepted to have 62,000 visitors in the expo. The expo will alternatingly locate in Shanghai and Beijing every year.

Meanwhile, it will gather the top and professional industrial enterprises who present the most trendy design and technology in the market. Moreover, the expo also present a great platform and communication channel between buyers and suppliers through products display, seminars and case studies. What are you waiting for? Come and see you every year in October!

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