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Cross Borders Interaction, LED+ New Lighting Era — “China Lighting Expo 2016”Kick Started
Publish Date: 10-14 2015
Along with the national economic transformation and the change of the international economic environment, the LED market in the increasingly stable development will be facing more severe challenges during 2015 to 2020. With the factors on increasing costs, reorganized industry and development on technology, elements such as “cross borders” and “Intelligence” will be added to LED lighting industry.

Jointly organized by the China Illuminating Engineering Society (CIES), China Solid State Lighting Alliance (CSA) and Hong Kong Adsale Exhibition Services Limited, the largest Lighting Expo in northern China, “China Lighting Expo 2016” will be held on April 14-16, 2016 at the China International Exhibition Center, Beijing, PR China (Sanyuan West Bridge). Having Beijing's unique political and business resources with plenty of large-scale construction projects, scale of “China Lighting Expo 2016” will be further expanded. It will coordinate in-depth interaction on enterprises, engineering companies, designers, end-users, distributors, etc, providing the industry with an efficient trade and exchange platform.

“Internet+” New Era── Creating Synergy Effects by Interaction between Lighting & Intelligent Technology

With the development of Internet technology, concept of “Internet +” has been deeply into the field of lighting. Intelligent lighting under “Internet +” Is not just a simple lighting, but fully integrated LED lighting system, intelligent control, network, terminal devices and application programs. This new technology can not only improve people's lives, but also create new business value. For example, it supports notification on new messages through the light using wireless internet; or receives reminders on weather and temperature changes through the changes on color of lights.

Under the background of the development of this kind of industry technology, “China Lighting Expo 2016” and “Smart Home and Intelligent Building Expo 2016” will be held concurrently. It breaks through the limitations of the original smart lighting by gathering all kinds of lighting enterprises and the Internet of things, intelligent building, smart home enterprises on the expo. It also helps different parties to grasp the market changes and seize the unlimited business opportunities, which leads to achieve the target of “1+1>2” synergies.

Grasping the National Large-Scale Design and Engineering Resources in Northern China Market

As a center of industry policies-making and technical standards development, Beijing converge head-quarters of many industries and national large-scale architectural design and planning Institutes. With rich engineering user resources, there are also many well-known end users gathered and the project investment is huge. It is sure that the largest lighting expo in Northern China has its unique geographical advantages and influence.

In 2015, there were over 50% of visitors came from engineering and design units, as well as architectural design and planning institute. “China Lighting Expo 2016” will further go into the huge buyer market in the North. It will fully cover the channel distributors, including those in second to third-tier cities. It will create an effective business platform for promoting various lighting applications.

Various well-known brands Gathered at the Largest Lighting Expo in Northern China

“China Lighting Expo 2016” has kicked started to recruit exhibitors. Over 80% of the old exhibitors had reserved space. There were various renowned brands participated in the previous expo such as Shanghai Yaming, Buckingham, Foshan Lighting, Guangyu Lighting, Yankon, Rishang, Yolo, Roled, Sensing, Grand Light, Jinli, Fluence, Tons Lighting, Meka, Iotcomm, etc. Besides, sponsors of the display zones including PAK Lighting, Nationstar, Pamser, Starlighting, Lightspace, etc. are very much welcomed and look forward by the public.

There will be 6 theme zones at “China Lighting Expo 2016”, which includes:
1. Indoor & Decorative Lighting 2. Road Lighting & Intelligent Transportation Lighting 3. Outdoor & Architectural Lighting 4. LED/OLED Lighting Technology and products 5. Lighting Control and Intelligent Systems 6. LED Display Screens & building advertisement displays

Fabulous Concurrent Events in 2016, Cover All-rounded Fields for Different Users

Altogether 14 concurrent events were held in “China Lighting Expo 2015”. Experts from different fields gathered to explore the topics on various areas and received enthusiastic responses.

“China Lighting Expo 2016”will join hands with different lighting users, exhibitors and media from all around the world to present a series of stunning concurrent events. 5 core topics will be covered, including policies and technology, design and engineering, user applications, distribution channels, intelligent technology. The industry experts will bring the leading concepts for sharing and interacting with the audience.

It is also very much looking forward to the 1:1 display and experience zone on “China Lighting Expo 2016”, named “Future Living Experience+”. The display zone would provide an Intelligent and lighting experience to the visitors, demonstrating the effect of future lighting environment. The display and experience zone are composed by the international well-known designers and enterprises, while the 4 theme zones including Home+, Hotel+, Shop+, Café+. The concept of the prospective and the humanized design would come into views of design units and end-users, etc.

“China Lighting Expo 2016” on Coming April, Your First Pick Business Platform

“China Lighting Expo 2016” will be held on April 14-16, 2016 at the China International Exhibition Center, Beijing, PR China (Sanyuan West Bridge). Everybody are looking forward to the expanding scale of the expo and expecting it to connect multiple terminal industries closely. Its cross-border integration of quality resources focuses on engineering, design, distributors and end-users. It can definitely provide opportunities for reaching the huge market in the North. Personages of all circles will gather together on the expo, working together to upgrade its influence via exhibition, conferences, sharing, case studies, etc and providing the industry with an efficient trade and exchange platform.

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