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Company Profile : 阿克勃,源于玛雅文化,我们从玛雅的精确历法中获悉灵感,将对灯光的极致追求逐步融入产品的设计生命中,简约厚重的原创工业设计,充分考虑产品外观的生命周期与博物馆空间的匹配性。多出精密刻度镭雕,便于每一次灯光调试。独家定制光学透镜,严格收拢副光斑,柔化灯光截止线。
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Exhibit Product Description : The brand inspiration of Mayalit came from Mayan Civilization and this brand keeps on pursuing the accurate light control, through refined lighting fixture design. The whole series of Mayalit are aimed at the high-end museum lighting application, based on the technical support and optical solution from Mayalit Light-tech Inc. in USA. The product range covers track-mounted spot light / showcase light / wallwasher and so on. A variety of power range and beam angle are available, for lighting application choice, based on different height and items on display. By offering ultimate lighting, Mayalit is aimed to fully display the beauty of history and arts, and let the vistors feel the cultural inheritance.
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LED Lamp
Commercial Lighting
Museum Lighting
Lighting Design
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